Concrete mixer is the cement, gravel aggregate and water are mixed and mixed into the concrete mix machinery. The current use of concrete mixers has been very common, but the demand for concrete mixers is also growing. Concrete mixer machinery industry has clearly become the new darling

Further concrete equipment investment has become a hot investment market of building materials projects, more and more people choose to invest in this new project. Promotion and popularization of concrete equipment technology greatly improves types of concrete mixers for sale the reform of the building materials industry, and promote the upgrading of wall materials market. Concrete items of equipment have not destroyed arable land, do not pollute the environment, for our economy MATERIALS shortage of energy conservation and construction industries and other issues, played a great help. Because the city is a Commonwealth of geographical concentration of urban population, so it must rely on the development of open and low-cost logistics, traffic, information flow and capital flow. Where concrete injection station house construction and installation works on the basis of roadbed construction engineering, bridge engineering precast concrete or cast concrete box girder box beam, tunnel project requires a large number of high-quality concrete machinery manufacturer to provide complete solutions. These large-scale projects to meet the complex needs of concrete machinery enterprises, will become the new urbanization of the first beneficiaries of the bonus, which can be asserted that the future of the concrete mixer market will gradually picking up.     All in all, there is a big demand for investment, concrete mixer machinery industry, the new darling of this more and more people are bound to have a very good development.

Features of concrete pump:

1.S pipe valve is adopted for direction switching with good sealing and long service life. 2.S pipe valve is installed with floating wear-resisting ring which can compensate abrasion automatically. 3.High exit pressure can satisfy pumping requirements for high-rise buildings. 4.Fine stone concrete can concrete mixer and loader be pumped, and the maximum grain size is 20mm. 5.Hydraulic system adopts wind cooling heat dissipation which is convenient and no need to connect with water source. 6.It has reverse pumping function which can minimize pipe blocking. 7.Centralized lubrication system can extend service life of rotating parts effectively. 8.Electric part adopts PLC control which has the optimum operating feature. 9.Electric cabinet is installed with wired remote control handset which is convenient for operation. 10.Material loading height is low, it can be easily united with machine set. 11.Guide pulley is installed on the machine which is flexible and convenient for moving and location. 12.Integral dismountable screen mesh which is easy to be replaced.

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